The 3 Trendiest Colors to Wear in Fashion Right Now

Whether you’re someone whose motto regarding trends is of the “go big or go home” variety or, like me, you prefer more of a light sprinkle of trendy pieces in your otherwise classic wardrobe, there’s always a good reason to pay attention to It colors. For those in the first category, the reasoning is more obvious­. They can invest in the craze both by buying trendy pieces in an equally trendy color—see the boots on slide five—or go for a monochrome look, highlighting the shade in question to the full effect. For those in the latter camp, color trends are still worth considering because you can breathe new life into an outfit by simply swapping a piece you’d normally wear (such as a cardigan, handbag, or heeled sandal) for the same style of item in an of-the-moment hue. This way, you’re making your go-to look feel both trendy and timeless at once, without sacrificing your sense of style.

Now that you may or may not be intrigued, I implore you to keep scrolling for the three colors I’ve been seeing everywhere lately. From bubblegum pink to moss green to chocolate brown, see how some of our favorite fashion people are styling them below and, of course, shop my picks for each shade along the way.

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