The 25 Best Skincare Brands and Their Top-Selling Products

There are lots of fun and exciting components of being a beauty editor, but as much as we love sitting at our desks and swatching the latest and greatest to hit our beauty closet, there’s definitely more action during our day-to-day work. Recently, my Who What Wear beauty colleague Courtney Higgs and I were in a meeting detailing the most important beauty trends, products, and brands of the previous quarter, and we noticed a pretty interesting list: the top 20 best-selling skincare brands, ranked.

As skincare-obsessed beauty editors, our interest was piqued to see which brands WWW readers are hoarding and loving. We immediately started to discuss our favorite brands from the list, the cult-favorite products we love (plus some that we don’t), what brands didn’t make the list, and so on and so forth.

Inspired, we decided to turn the conversation into a guide featuring said the top 20 skincare brands our readers love and the one (yes, only one!) product Courtney and I would purchase from each. Curious to see what products made the cut? Keep scrolling! All of our must-haves and recommendations lie just ahead.

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