The 19 Best Pedicure Color Trends for 2022

If I’m having a bad day, you can guarantee that I’ll book myself a pedicure appointment. Nothing lifts my mood quite like looking at my toes and seeing a fun color and perfectly squared off nails. Even though I love going to the salon, it’s perhaps even more satisfying to paint my toenails at home—as long as I have the right colors in my arsenal. 

There are a lot of trending pedicure colors this year, but there’s one overarching theme: joy. “Colors that bring you pure joy will be big in 2022,” says Riyah Martin, Editorial Nail Artist and Color Mixologist at Orly Color Labs. “A lot of us are stressed and anxious from the state of the world, and seeking color that makes you happy and cozy, even momentarily, is big. One trick is to pay attention to your mood when different colors catch your eye, and you’ll notice colors that you’ve never thought to use for manicures and pedicures.” She recommends nature-inspired colors like shades of green, purple, and yellow.

I spoke with nail experts to find out the latest color trends to consider for your next pedicure. These colors are unexpected, sophisticated, and joyful, which is exactly the type of energy we need right now.

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