The 12 Best Verb Products for Curly Hair, Hands Down

We each have quite a few products in our arsenal from Verb that we swear by and will probably never stop buying. The brand’s Ghost collection adds the kind of deep, yet airy hydration I only thought was possible in dreams before adding them to my routine. They make curl care less of a chore, because, let’s be real, if you have a hair type as thick as mine, it is a chore. Miller is all about embracing your natural texture, something I’m really learning to do these days.

“My favorite way to style curls is working with your true curl pattern,” she says. “I don’t like to manipulate curls—I’m a wash-and-go kind of curly hairstylist. Once you understand texture, you can create magic by bringing out more definition and volume. What curly girl doesn’t like volume?! I think my method helps my curly clients become one with their pattern and also helps them embrace their true texture. My mission is to help my curly community understand that they don’t have to rely solely on curly styles. Embracing your true texture is powerful! Especially for all the new curly-haired clients starting their natural hair journey.”

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