The 10 Best Gucci Loafers Celebrities Wear on Repeat

With fashion moving at an exponentially increasing pace, it’s hard to know what items are truly worth the splurge. Well, since they’ve graced the feet of the world’s best dressed celebrities for over 65 years and are even convincing savvy shoppers to invest, it’s clear that Gucci loafers are most certainly a winner.

If you saw the movie House of Gucci, it should be easy for you to imagine the scenario in which Aldo Gucci, played by Al Pacino, dreamed up these fabulous shoes. New York was no mystery to him, as he was a frequent visitor in the 1950s, yet one particular trip inspired him to introduce these shoes to Gucci’s lineup of leather goods. 

When Aldo arrived in New York, he did what all visitors and city dwellers alike must do: He people-watched. The men of that era would pass him by in a variety of ensembles, from a well-tailored suit topped off by a trench coat to a good pair of jeans and a leather jacket. The one accessory most of them happened to have in common was as simple as could be, slip-on loafers.

Upon his return to Italy, Aldo went to work on having loafers added to Gucci’s roster of pristine leather goods, but he included an update that made them better than all the rest—the equestrian-inspired detail that had been at the forefront of the brand’s discovery long ago. This simple detail made Gucci loafers stand out among the others on the market and is what led to them being such a successful and recognizable fashion item. 

While the shoes were originally seen on stars like Brigitte Bardot after their initial launch, we are still seeing them on our favorite stars many years later, including Rihanna and Hailey Baldwin. And that’s all I need to know to convince me they’re worth the splurge. Take a quick scroll to see the loafers I’m currently shopping along with the celebrities who convinced me that I need to give them a try.

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