Serena Williams’ 4-Year-Old Daughter Is Already A Force To Be Reckoned With On The Tennis Court


The CDC says that at four years old, a child can catch a bounced ball “most of the time.” Alexis Ohanian Jr. isn’t your average four-year-old because little sis looks like she’s catching the ball — with a racket — on the tennis court all of the time. 

The daughter of Serena Williams and namesake Alexis Ohanian had a video shared to her Instagram account that shows her displaying a serious backhand swing on a tennis court. Although brief, you can see her swinging a tennis racket and hitting the ball with what looks like near-perfect form. The video is captioned “Practice makes progress,” and I’m sure we would all agree that Ohanian Jr. is making some serious strides already. Did we mention that she’s only 4?

We wouldn’t expect anything less from the child of Serena Williams, who has 23 single Grand Slam titles, four Olympic gold medals, and spent 319 weeks over the span of her career as the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) No 1. In layman’s terms, that means she has basically spent most of her life winning on the court. As for her daughter, she’s loved tennis since she came out of the womb.

The little rising star seems to be following in her mom’s footsteps, including in popularity. She already has 633,000 Instagram followers cheering her on. That said, Ohanian Jr. has interests beyond tennis.

During her downtime, the 4-year-old loves being a jedi, using light-up LED toy swords to battle with her mom. She also blesses our feeds with pictures and videos of other cute adventures like beach days, zoo visits, and her travels, with mom and dad, around the world. 

We look forward to seeing how this future living legend’s career unfolds. But for now, we’re more than happy to watch her do kid things and enjoy her childhood, even if she isn’t your average kiddo.


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