I’m Shopbop’s Fashion Director: 6 Basics to Try in 2022

There are certain industry insiders that we routinely turn to for top-notch shopping advice and sartorial guidance. Shopbop’s fashion director, Caroline Maguire, is one of said people. After all, it’s her literal job to guide style direction for one of the largest fashion e-commerce brands out there. So naturally, you can see why her tips are of utmost interest to us.

On that note, Maguire just offered up some fresh fashion advice to help guide our wardrobes this year. Given that she turns to elevated basics to balance out her looks, she specifically focused on the fashion-forward basics she’s loving and is telling everyone to test out in 2022.

Intrigued? Wonderful. Keep scrolling to check out the next-level basics Maguire is into. Oh, and since Shopbop stocks a variety of A+ basics, there are inspired product recommendations as well.

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