Bella Hadid and Jen Batchelor on Kin Euphorics and Wellness

By nature, Bella Hadid is an empath (she is a Libra, after all). On a recent Zoom call, she remarked that the world feels like a particularly anxious place right now. “I’m super sensitive, so everything hits me,” she said. “I can feel it.”

If you’d asked her last year how she dealt with anxiety, she might have said she turned to familiar comforts: Dominos, Seventh Street Burger in the East Village, milkshakes, pizza, and a drink or two to take the edge off. Oh, and she wasn’t drinking water, and she was working like crazy, and she felt like shit all the time, in her own words. 

“It’s like, oh, I want to just have fun. And then all of a sudden, you want to just have fun every day and you realize you wanting to have fun is you finding fun in something else instead of inside,” Hadid said. “[These] past two years during quarantine, I’m pretty sure all of us self-medicated to be able to find happiness, instead of actually doing what we’re supposed to do and [finding] the happiness within.”

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