Balaclavas: The Winter Accessory Trend Everyone Is Wearing

December may have been unseasonably mild, but January is more than making up for it so far. Much of the country has been experiencing below-freezing temperatures and snow days this month, and fashion is fully reflecting the seasonal shift. In particular, we’re seeing more and more trends that look cool but will keep you warm.

One such trend that’s seen a jump lately is balaclavas. They can’t really be called scarves or hats because they’re both. You could sort of describe them as a hoodie that lost its sweatshirt. I’ve found plenty of instances of fashion people incorporating them into their winter outfits as of late, and the verdict is that they’re surprisingly easy to wear. Unlike the big furry bucket hats fashion people have also been wearing, it’s hard to make a balaclava look costumey. 

Below, I’ve rounded up a variety of balaclavas and chic examples of how to wear them. Scroll for all the options. 

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