Are Office Chairs Good for Gaming?

With the creation of gaming chairs, which are offshoots of the standard office chair, the question arises of whether it is worth purchasing a gaming chair for your gaming needs. Admittedly, having a wide selection of comfortable chairs for long hours of sitting is quite desirable. But are office chairs good enough for your needs? Or, are gaming chairs worth the extra investment?

Before you decide, it pays to know the differences between office chairs and chairs designed for gaming. This article will help you make the best-informed decision about which one is right for your needs.


From the initial appearance, there are many similarities between gaming chairs and standard office chairs. But upon closer inspection the differences are noticeable and quite profound in some cases. The main differences start from the top with headrests that are fixed on the high-quality gaming chairs while being adjustable on most office chairs.

If you need a seat with more substantial neck support, looking for a gaming chair with neck support will be a good option.

Additional differences include winged backrests, bucket seats, a raised seat edge, detachable pillows, high degree of recline, and armrests designed for greater comfort that are the main features of gaming chairs. It is why they resemble chairs found in racing cars more than office chairs in their most important aspects.

It may seem initially that some features of office chairs, such as the adjustable headrest, winless backrest, flat seat, limited recline, and fixed or sometimes adjustable lumbar support have their advantages as well.

But when it comes to the rigors of playing games for hours on end, office chairs have their limitations.

Which Chair is Better for Gaming?

There is little question that based on appearances, gaming chairs seem to have a substantial advantage. The additional cushioning, ability to recline at steeper angles, and the raised sides provide considerable support. The gaming chair cradles you into a comfortable position which can be adjusted with the recline, allowing for better weight distribution.

Admittedly, there are some advantages that office chairs offer in terms of ergonomics. Office chairs are better designed for movement, especially side to side thanks to the flatter seat. If you spend a lot of time doing office work and only a little time gaming, then you might want to consider an office chair.

But for gamers, the gaming chair is superior because of the support system in the same regard that car seats designed for racing are better for race car drivers.

The bucket seats and raised seat edges settle you into the chair while providing for excellent weight distribution. This means that your body can better stand the hours of gaming in a gaming chair as opposed to an office chair.

Choosing from the many comfortable chairs for long hours of gaming, the search should begin with chairs that are designed not only for sitting but allowing you to move with freedom and comfort.

A good gaming chair is not just a purchase, but an investment that pays dividends each time you sit down to game. So, if you are looking for the right type of chair that meets your gaming needs and exceeds your expectations in terms of comfort, flexibility, and durability, then you should choose a high-quality gaming chair.

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