8 Staples a Nordstrom Stylist Thinks Will Be Popular in 2022

We covered the “Nordstrom6” last year, the group of stylists who post about trends, fashion, and Nordstrom shopping with the hashtag #Nordstrom6. Well, Rose Hayes is one of the VIP Nordstrom stylists that’s included in the group. And given that she’s a breadth of sartorial knowledge with her 14-year career at one of the biggest retailers out there, we thought we’d tap her to uncover some of the items she’s loving and recommending to her clients right now. Oh, and don’t forget to check out her site here.

Below, you’ll uncover the staples Hayes thinks will be popular in 2022 because of their versatile nature and the fact that they could be styled with many different items. These pieces have also been fan favorites so far among her clients. Keep scrolling to learn more, including shopping inspiration.

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