6 Scandinavian Beauty Brands to Add to Your Beauty Routine

In Denmark, people live by a philosophy called “hygge.” We don’t quite have a word for it in English, but it essentially translates to creating a cozy, friendly atmosphere that leads to a feeling of contentment. “Hygge” can be found in every inch of Danish life, and that translates to its beauty products. 

One of three Scandinavian countries (the other two are Norway and Sweden), hygge encapsulates the Scandinavian spirit in general. Scandinavian beauty is filled with a quiet joy and appreciation for nature. Many products focus on “clean” ingredients, minimalism, and protection from the harsh Nordic climates. Below, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite Scandinavian beauty brands that you’d be remiss not to add to your arsenal. You’ll notice a few common themes—deep hydration and sustainable packaging are huge parts of Scandinavian beauty. These brands are the next best thing to a Scandinavian spa retreat.

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