42 Small Designer Purses Will Stand the Test of Time


Courtesy of Szymon Brzóska / The Style Stalker

What do you think someone would notice if they were to look inside your closet? Could they detect that you’re a devout minimalist? Or that you love shopping second-hand? For me, the first thing anyone would glean is my obsession with small designer purses. I will not embarrass myself by naming how many mini bags I own, but it’s safe to say that anytime I send my bestie a new handbag I’ve found, they ask with annoyance: another one? I’m aware that there’s something mildly masochistic about buying bags that barely fit your keys. And I’m also aware that the most recent wave of handbag trends (like oversized totes) are vying to snuff out the hold mini bags have on the fashion set. But despite all the facts, I can’t see myself coming to ditch small handbags anytime soon; and I have a feeling I’m not the only one. 


Whether you love it or hate it, small handbags have, and always will, be a part of the style lexicon. They’re not just some new trend that’s taken over the past few years; they’ve gone in-and-out of fashion for decades. But suppose you have yet to be sold on how truly timeless this tiny trend can be? Well, ahead, we’re showing how small purses have continued to dominate the runway and street style scene. And if that’s not enough to sell you, we identified the 6 best small designer purse styles that will stand the test of time. 

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