4 Cute Vacation Outfits We’ll Be Wearing in 2022

Mark my words: 2022 is the year where we are all going to start living again. The past few years have made getting together with loved ones and exploring new places not so easy, but it’s time for that all to change. While we’re playing it safe this winter, I am manifesting that from spring to fall, we will be launching a thousand little ships out to beautiful and serene destinations that we’ve been dying to visit. January is the month when I begin to plan my trips for the year, and I have too many good ones to keep to myself.

For me, peaceful travel is the best. I’m not quite one for endless partying or exploring an entire city in one day. That’s why I’ve paired these travel looks with resorts that you can lounge in all day because honestly, that’s what you deserve when you finally catch the break you’ve been longing for. Packing for a trip has sent me into a frenzy in the past but in 2022, we’re all about having a plan and executing it smoothly especially when it comes to fashion. Dressing for comfort is key because after all, you are on vacation. I’ll be wearing the four looks below on my trips and making sure my stays are scenic enough for an aesthetically pleasing background. Scroll down to see what’s on my vision board…

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