35 Beauty Investments to Try in 2022, According to Editors

I’m a firm believer that more is not more when it comes to beauty and cultivating a solid regimen. A bigger price tag doesn’t necessarily connotate better results, nor does a bigger product array. (Take it from someone whose skin did a complete 180—in a much healthier direction—the second I slashed my a.m. and p.m. routines in half.)

Don’t get me wrong—I’m more than down to invest in an absurdly expensive perfume, but I have to love it so much, that the hefty price tag will feel well worth the splurge each and every time I wear it. And, it had better last me a long, long time. The same criteria go for other expensive products I love like hair styling tools, beauty gadgets, the like—each investment has to have a sound cost per wear, if you know what I mean.

But alongside my favorite luxurious beauty indulgences, I also have a ton of appreciation for the small, comparatively cheap finds that work miraculously well without the sticker shock and also have impressive legs in the longevity department. So, really, I have two different product requirements: First, savvy, ultra-high quality formulas that bring me joy and produce real, noticeable results, and second, budget-friendly heavy hitters that help keep my bank account in check without compromising on results.

But here’s where the plot twist comes in! Since you see and read me here on Who What Wear every day (and are likely sick of me and my recs, LOL), I reached out to a bunch of my fellow beauty friends, editors, and writers to get their picks for a nice change of scenery. Below, 35 bang-for-your-buck beauty products experts in the beauty field highly recommend you snap up this year. Keep scrolling!

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