24 Nordstrom Basics We’re Buying to Build Our 2022 Closets

We, the fashion editors here at WWW, often turn to Nordstrom to uncover new products to recommend in various stories. We also routinely shop the retailer to freshen up our personal closets. One category that’s always a go-to at Nordstrom is the basics department. There’s just consistently an A+ offering of simple pieces that have the power to become true foundational items in our wardrobes. You know, those special finds that could, in theory, make our closets stronger because of their versatile and easy-to-style nature.

If you keep scrolling, you’ll uncover the forward basics that a few of us are eyeing at the moment to take our offerings to the next level. As a preview, you’ll see everything from staple denim cuts to comfy T-shirts to easy shoe silhouettes. Go on if you’re in the mood for a little shopping inspiration.

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