20 Best Editor-Approved Cozy Candles

If you come over to my apartment, you can almost be sure that I’ll have a candle lit. My roommate and I burn through candles nearly as fast as we burn through coffee (so practically at lightning speed). To us, a good candle helps motivate us when we’re working from home and provides an aura of coziness when we’re binge-watching a TV show. 

Over the past couple of years, I feel like I’ve tried every candle on the planet. I love my candle collection, but it was beginning to feel a bit stale, so I reached out to people who I knew could pull me out of a candle rut with their recommendations—my co-workers.

I asked Who What Wear editors for their all-time favorite cozy candles, and their answers did not disappoint. From the candle our Editor in Chief has personally asked D.S. & Durga to turn into a perfume to the candle our Senior Beauty Editor wishes she had an endless supply of, I’m now fully re-stocked with candles that I know I won’t get sick of anytime soon. Keep reading for their best cozy candle recommendations.

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