15 Simple Items That Will Make a Closet Feel Fashionable

While there is certainly a time and a place for those bold and eclectic finds, there is also something to be said about the more pared-down pieces. Yes, even when simple in nature, the no-fuss items can still have a serious impact. In fact, we, the fashion editors here at WWW, decided to round up all of the pieces we’re wearing right now that are easy and make our closets feel of the moment and current. 

Below, you’ll uncover a trove of items that are versatile (ahem, easy to style) and have fashion-forward twists. As a preview, you’ll find everything from pretty throw-on-and-go dresses to chic accessories that could easily become part of your weekly rotation. 

Keep scrolling for a plethora of top-notch shopping inspiration. 

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