12 Best Drugstore Makeup Brushes for Flawless Application

When getting the perfect makeup look, you know the products are important. You want to choose ones that work with your skin tone and type, that provide the finish or vibe that you’re looking for, that have staying power, and of course, that make you feel confident. But I think we often forget how crucial makeup brushes are to this whole thing, too. A trusted brush will ensure that the makeup is effortlessly blended, that the coverage is just right, and that your makeup looks natural and elevated. No cake-y, uneven looks here!

There’s good and bad news to this. The good news is that there are so many amazing brushes and sets out there that really do the work for you. And the bad news? Some of them are super-splurge-y. While brushes can be a worthwhile investment, there are a number of affordable brushes on the market that are just as good as the expensive ones. So they’re great options if you’re on a budget and want to prioritize your pricier makeup products over your brushes. Or if you don’t want to spend $50 on one foundation brush.

For ideas, take a look at some highly-rated, budget-friendly makeup brushes below.

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