Are you a brand looking to enhance your visibility, conversion, and sales this 2021 and beyond? Teaming up with top micro influencers relevant to your industry and marketing objectives can be your best bet! According to the Mention.com, micro influencer conversion rates on average run around 5.26%, while the global (average) digital marketing conversion rates are between 1%-3%. Furthermore, micro influencers may also outperform larger influencers; they tend to have over 20% higher conversion rate when compared to macro and celebrity influencers and high engagement rates (up to 60%). 



Micro influencers are influencers with a follower count that ranges from 10,000 to 100,000. They are the second largest category of influencers right after nano influencers , whose follower count ranges between 1,000 to 10,000 followers.  The potential reach of micro-influencers may be small, but their “buying conversations” with their audience is substantially high. According to Keller Fay Group and Experticity, micro-influencers have 22.2 times more weekly conversations that include product recommendations when compared to an average consumer. Furthermore, top micro influencers also carry substantial impact on customer behavior; 63% of consumers consider nano and micro-influencers to be more trustworthy compared to the macro and mega-influencers. Although micro-influencers may not have the celebrity or social media star status, their knowledge, passion, and reliability may explain the higher engagement rates, and conversion. 

Brands should also consider the cost, multi-market reach, and specialized niches when tapping micro-influencers for their marketing campaigns. According to Medium, partnering with micro-influencers is 6.7X more cost-efficient per engagement than working with celebrity or macro-influencers. Because micro-influencers are relatively new to the game and are looking to grow their following, they are willing to work with brands despite receiving a small fee, free product samples, entries for giveaways, or discounts on expensive products for a sponsored post. In this case, marketers can leverage micro-influencers to enhance the performance of their campaigns and increase profitability with smaller budgets.

Another important advantage of working with micro-influencers is the opportunity for brands to have multimarket reach. Because it’s cheaper to work with micro-influencers, brands, influencer marketing agencies and PR agencies like to engaged them in order to their campaign reach; they often tend to engage several influencers of different ages, shapes, races, and sexual orientations. Allowing for diversity and inclusion helps brands to enhance their brand awareness and brand loyalty, leading ultimately to a higher conversion rate and ROI.

Below, we have compiled a list of 100 top micro influencers from seven major influencer niches that are considered hotspots for influencer marketing – fashion, beauty, food, travel, fitness/ health, tech, and home design/ DIY.

Top 100 Micro Influencers List (Fashion, Beauty, Tech, Travel, and Fitness)

1. ALINA GAVRILOV @alinagavrilov_ (99.2K) – Top Fashion Micro Influencers



New York-based lawyer turned fashion blogger Alina Gavrilov is one of the Top Fashion Micro-influencers to watch out for.  Calling herself the “Blazer Queen”, Alina showcases her daily classic and feminine style and 9 to 5 outfits for young working women to draw inspiration from. To her, simplicity and versatility are the keys to recreate an everyday look for work or play.


2. CLARA FAMULARO @clarafamularo (99.5K) – Top Fashion Micro Influencers


Top Micro Influencers


Clara Famularo is a Sydney-based stylist who rose to fame as one of the Top Micro-Influencers in the fashion niche. As a self-confessed fashion and shoe addict, Clara founded two of her passion projects namely, Milan the Label, an online clothing store, and Sydney Uggs, a footwear retail company. Her Instagram is filled with OOTDs and styling tips using her brand as well as sponsored posts for several personal care brands like Tanzee, Hair and Beauty Angel, and Daily Naturals.


3. GEMAÉN JORDAN TAYLOR @gemaentaylor (66.2K) – Top Fashion Micro Influencers


Top Micro Influencers


Gemaén Jordan Taylor is a South African model, TV show host and presenter, blogger, and one of the top micro-influencers with a passion for luxury wear and unique styles.  With his good looks and superb fashion sense, Gemaen was voted as South African GQ Best Dressed Men in 2019.   His high engagement rate on Instagram has earned him sponsorship and partnership deals with designer brands such as SunglassHut South Africa, 4th Street Wine, H&M, Elemis, and Consol glass, to name a few.


4. MARIE DENEE @mariedenee (60.5K) – Top Fashion Micro Influencers


Top Micro Influencers


One of the curvy influencers making waves in the fashion industry is Marie Denee, a.k.a. The Curvy Fashionista, a plus-size fashion, style expert, and blogger based in Atlanta, Georgia. As an advocate for body image and confidence, Marie uses her Instagram and blog as a platform to speak, educate, and celebrate the uniqueness and beauty of the plus-size woman. Marie has contributed her expertise on plus-size fashion trends and tips through several publications like Vogue Curvy, Signature 9, Fashion and Style Editor at PLUS Model Magazine, Examiner.Com for Plus size fashion, Seventeen Magazine, and many more.


5. LAUREN CARUSO @laurencaruso_ (53.4K) – Top Fashion Micro Influencers


Top Micro Influencers


Freelance writer, creative consultant, and digital media strategist Lauren Caruso is a name to reckon with as a fashion micro-influencer based in New York. She has over a decade of experience in the publishing industry with a regular contribution on fashion to Harper’s Bazaar, Allure, Byrdie, Coveteur, CNN Underscored, and Verizon’s In The Know. Her growing Instagram followers has allowed her to collaborate with high-end brands like Burberry, Levi’s, COS, Farfetch, La Mer, Club Monaco, Shopbop, and Marc Jacobs. 


6. WILLIAM BRYANT @treybryant27 (52.7K) – Top Fashion Micro Influencers


Top Micro Influencers


William Bryant, a.k.a. Trey Bryant is one of the top micro-influencers with a focus on men’s fashion, grooming, and lifestyle. Trey started in the modeling industry after his first year in the university and later, tried acting as well. He was able to put all his knowledge in fashion to good use when he decided to pursue his dreams of becoming a fashion influencer. He created a fashion and lifestyle page on Instagram to inspire and teach black men how to dress well and have confidence in their style.


7. YOSHINO BONTEMPS @yoshinomia (51.9K) – Top Fashion Micro Influencers


Top Micro Influencers


Yoshino Bontemps is a Japanese-French model, stylist, and fashion influencer based in Paris. Being a product of a prestigious couture school in Paris, Yoshino has been groomed for classy fashion. Her Instagram account is filled with her alluring self-portraits showcasing some of the luxury beauty and fashions such as Chanel, Typology, Gisou, Celine, Wacoal Europe, Une Robe Un Soir, Gino Rossi, and many more.


8. DOMINIQUE DRAKEFORD @dominiquedrakeford (51.7K) – Top Fashion Micro Influencers


Top Micro Influencers


One of the names to remember in the sustainable fashion niche is Dominique Drakeford, an Oakland native who champions environmental sustainability, inclusive representation of B/IPOC in entrepreneurship and fashion, and low impact, ethical fashion. She is a global brand ambassador for Timberland and has amassed brand deals with Swarovski, Airbnb, Vice Media, Buzzfeed, Everlane, Fibershed, The Slow Factory, Dove, and All Birds to name a few.


9. ADAM GONON @adamgonon (51.5K) – Top Fashion Micro Influencers


Top Micro Influencers


Adam Gonon is a social media marketing expert, content creator, and one of the top micro-influencers who is getting recognized in the fashion and lifestyle niches. Adam is the co-founder of The Gentleman’s Creative, a digital agency and publication website that helps inspire the men of today. He has worked with top brands across men’s fashion, grooming, travel, and lifestyle such as Gillette, Omega, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Timberland, Samsonite, Maserati, The Macallan, and many more.


10. NANA AGYEMANG @itsreallynana (42.1K) – Top Fashion Micro Influencers


Top Micro Influencers


Nana Agyemang is a New York-based Social Media editor for New York Magazine and The Cut, and the CEO/ founder of Every Stylish Girl, an online platform with a mission to highlight women of color and provide networking and job placement opportunities at media and fashion industries. Her advocacy for inclusivity has won her partnership deals with brands like Shopbop, Raw Sugar Living, and Everlane.


11. VALENTIN BRUNEAU @valentinbruneau (39.5K) – Top Fashion Micro Influencers


Top Micro Influencers


Valentin Bruneau is a Brussels-based cabin crew turned micro-influencer who publishes content mostly about fashion, modeling, and men’s lifestyle. Based on his Instagram posts, Valentin is more into streetwear fashion. He has collaborated with brands like The Plugaholic, La Boutique Officielle, Pull and Bear, Be Gentlemen’s Store, and a lot more.


12. ALLI SCHAPEL @blackarrowblog (37.7K) – Top Fashion Micro Influencers


Top Micro Influencers


New York-based Alli Schapel is a fashion micro-influencer who takes luxury fashion to an affordable level. In a short period, Alli has made brand sponsorship deals with several premium brands like Zara, Gucci, Dermalogica, Cluse watches, and Mon Purse, to name a few.  Besides fashion, Alli also shares a glimpse of her love of travel on Instagram.


13. ALI ELEXA @littleredfashionhood (32.5K) – Top Fashion Micro Influencers


Top Micro Influencers


Ali Elexa is a fashion and lifestyle micro-influencer with a fascination for affordable fashion. Ali is a sucker for black and leopard printed outfits, but she has started to add some color into her wardrobe lately. Besides Instagram, this redhead fashionista runs a blog where she shares her fashion and beauty tips, affordable finds, and a glimpse of her life as a new mom. 


14. ARIANNE WITT @lola_jagger (32K) – Top Fashion Micro Influencers


Top Micro Influencers


Arianne Witt, best known by her social media name Lola Jagger, is a Sydney-based content creator, writer, and fashion micro-influencer who curates content about fashion, beauty, music, lifestyle, and daily musings.  When it comes to her style, Arianne introduces her own interpretation into different trends, whether it’s high fashion or streetwear. With her passion and creativity, Arianne landed partnership deals with KITX, a sustainable fashion brand in Australia, as well as global brands like Adidas, ECCO, COS, Versace, and a lot more.


15. TIA KIRBY @tiakirby (14.6K) – Top Fashion Micro Influencers


Top Micro Influencers


Tia Kirby is a Dallas-based on-camera host, speaker, life coach, podcaster & digital creative who is beginning to live her dreams. With her growing number of followers across her social channels, Tia is more motivated “to inspire others to learn and love themselves while discovering & enhancing their style and beauty.” Tia has partnered with brands such as JC Penney, Crème of Nature, Revlon, Reebok, Urban Decay Cosmetics, and many more.


16. ELEANOR PENDLETON @eleanorpendleton  (96.3K) – Top Beauty Micro Influencers


Top Micro Influencers


Multi-awarded health and beauty journalist Eleanor Pendleton is now on her way to macro-influence as a famous beauty influencer on Instagram. She’s the founder and editor of Gritty Pretty, Australia’s leading online beauty publication that covers all things beauty, fashion, and interior inspiration.  Eleanor’s dedication to her craft has led to collaborations with distinguished beauty brands such as Estee Lauder, La Prairie, Mecca, Hunter Lab, and Chanel among others.


17. RAOUL ALEJANDRE @raoulalejandre (89K) – Top Beauty Micro Influencers


Top Micro Influencers


One of Instagram’s top micro-influencers and rising stars in the styling niche is Raoul Alejandre. This California native makeup artist is a strong believer in holistic beauty. His flair for doing make-up and attention to detail has led to creative partnerships with Revlon, Dior Beauty, and MAC, along with a growing list of celebrity clientele and publications.  


18. DANIELLE GRAY @stylenbeautydoc (68K) – Top Beauty Micro Influencers


Top Micro Influencers


Danielle Gray is a fashion and beauty consultant, freelance writer, and creator of The Style and Beauty Doctor, an online platform that celebrates the beauty of all women regardless of skin tones, sizes, and ages. Danielle has been recognized for her style in ESSENCE magazine’s “Style on the Streets” (November 2011), quoted for her beauty expertise in Ebony magazine’s first-ever Best of Beauty Awards (September 2011), named one of the first Beauty Bloggers of the Month by Too Faced Cosmetics, and has appeared in online video campaigns for companies such as Jeep and Kohl’s Rock & Republic. Aside from running her blog, she’s also a freelance fashion and beauty writer and has written for ESSENCE.com, StyleBlazer.com, and more.


19. LONNI SMITH @iamlonni (64K) – Top Beauty Micro Influencers


Top Micro Influencers


For mompreneur and beauty micro-influencer Lonni Smith, hard work and dedication truly pay off.  Lonni is the owner of Sevyn Care, a 100% Organic Skincare/ Selfcare company that has earned a whopping 6 figures after 3 years since it was founded. Today, she’s offering a mentorship program to small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs to help them grow their online business or brand.


20. AUTUMN SKIBINSKI @autumnontuesdays (56.9K) – Top Beauty Micro Influencers


Top Micro Influencers


Autumn Skibinski, a.k.a. Autumn Brooke on Instagram, is a Los Angeles-based hair and makeup artist and a singer who loves dressing up and donning stylish wigs. Autumn is attracting more followers with her elegant flamboyant style. Her brand, Beauty by Autumn, also continues to gain traction as she shares photos of the clients that she styled.


21. KAREN CAMARGO @karenncamargo_ (49.1K) – Top Beauty Micro Influencers


Top Micro Influencers


Karen Camargo is a Chicago-based beauty influencer who is best known for her ASMR aesthetic makeup videos. Karen showcases her latest beauty products through videos that she uploads on Instagram where she gains an incredibly high engagement rate, and on TikTok, where she has amassed over 1.2 million likes.


22. LESLEY MONROE @lesleymarie1213 (45.6K) – Top Beauty Micro Influencers


Top Micro Influencers


NYC-based beauty blogger and video content creator Lesley Monroe rose to fame for her YouTube Channel, LesleyMarie1213, which has more than 277K subscribers as of this writing. Lesley covers all things makeup, fashion, hair, and nail care, as well as vlogs about her personal life. On Instagram, Lesley also showcases her artistry and flair in doing makeup using the products of Elf Cosmetics, Laura Geller Beauty, BeBella Cosmetics, and so much more.


23. RACHAEL @skincarestandard (36.5K) – Top Beauty Micro Influencers


Top Micro Influencers


Rachael is a skincare enthusiast from Las Vegas, Nevada, who created Skincare Standard to document her skincare journey. Embattled with constant hormonal breakouts, this Chemistry graduate attempted to cover the imperfections with foundations and concealers. Consequently, she became fully obsessed with skincare and beauty that, in 2018, she started blogging her skincare journey, trying out new products and doing reviews, until she has connected with like-minded beauty addicts and found a routine that works perfectly for her.  Rachael has worked with some amazing brands, like Glossier and Ilia Beauty, and regularly provides skincare tips, tutorials, and reviews on the latest products through her social channels.


24. SARAH LAPIERRE @_withsarah (34.5K) – Top Beauty Micro Influencers


Top Micro Influencers


Sarah Lapierre is a Boston-based beauty micro-influencer. In 2016, she started her YouTube channel and Instagram as a hobby that quickly turned into a passion. She focuses on offering beauty tips, specifically on makeup, hair, and skincare, but also shares her love of fashion. Sarah has secured partnerships with Aveeno, Neutrogena, Grande Cosmetics, and Tarte to name a few. 


25. GEENA LEE PACHE @pastelmints (33.1K) – Top Beauty Micro Influencers


Top Micro Influencers


Geena Lee Pache is a German fashion and beauty photographer and makeup artist. Her Instagram handle @pastelmints, mostly features whimsical eye makeup art that she created using popular cosmetic brands such as Anastasia Beverly Hills, B Perfect Cosmetics, and Ardell, to name a few.


26. FIORELLA ZRT @miszfiorella (30.3K) – Top Beauty Micro Influencers


Top Micro Influencers


Fiorella Zrt is a Latina makeup artist and beauty micro-influencer based in Jacksonville, Florida. She is best known for her classy looks and bright-eye makeup. She offers her makeup services and has a growing clientele that she features on her Instagram.


27. DANIEL JEWELS @danieljewels (28.4K) – Top Beauty Micro Influencers


Top Micro Influencers


Daniel Jewels is a makeup artist with a passion for dramatic and out-of-this-world makeup looks. With over 28.4K followers, Daniel is one of the beauty micro-influencers who boasts a pretty high engagement rate on Instagram, leading him to partner with famous brands like Becca Cosmetics, Nyx, Morphe, Elf Cosmetics, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Jeffrey Starr, and a lot more.


28. KARINA REYNA @reynaxbeauty (25.2K) – Top Beauty Micro Influencers


Top Micro Influencers


Karina Reyna is a professional hairstylist and makeup artist and one of the up-and-coming beauty influencers from Orange County, CA. When she joined Instagram in 2018, she started posting Halloween makeup ideas, which quickly got a lot of audience engagement. Karina offers styling/ makeup services for any occasion and has featured many of her clients on Instagram.


29. ANGIE @angielistica (19.7K) – Top Beauty Micro Influencers


Top Micro Influencers


Angie is a Chilean lawyer and makeup artist who has a penchant for creative nail and makeup art. This beauty micro-influencer is into vegan/cruelty-free beauty products and strongly supports local brands and startups that are cruelty-free certified. Angie has teamed up with several brands like Revolution, Nyx Cosmetics, Urban Decay, and Colourpop Cosmetics, among others.


30. ASHLEE @intheglamroom (12.8K) – Top Beauty Micro Influencers


Top Micro Influencers


Ashlee is a Chicago-based beauty blogger and micro-influencer who specializes in skincare and beauty product development. Her Instagram is packed with educational and entertaining videos about common skincare concepts and myths, product reviews, sponsored posts as well as a glimpse of her life.


31. FRANCESCA NEWMAN-YOUNG @fran_newmanyoung (84.9K) – Top Travel Micro Influencers


Top Micro Influencers


Francesca Newman-Young is a full-time blogger, Huffington Post contributor, and brand consultant from South West London. She runs a successful blog where she documents her love of travel, fashion, and lifestyle.  Francesca considers Ibiza and Tulum as her first two most favorite places for a holiday.


32. PRAKRITI VARSHNEY @itisinthename (83.2K) – Top Travel Micro Influencers


Top Micro Influencers


New Delhi-based fashion and graphic designer Prakriti Varshney is a wanderer at heart. Prakriti has her heart set on living life in the mountains, which is evident in most of her posts on Instagram. Her ultimate travel goal is to reach the summit of Mt. Everest, which she is set to do in 2023.  Prakriti also runs a blog where she shares her travel experiences as well as her love for fashion and the vegan lifestyle.


33. JESSICA ROSE @jessicarosepnw (62.2K) – Top Travel Micro Influencers


Top Micro Influencers


Jessica Rose is photographer and content creator behind Adam and Jess, a travel blog that she runs alongside her husband and fellow photographer and content creator. Together, they document their outdoor adventures across the beautiful sceneries of the Pacific Northwest.


34. ALEXANDRA REYNOLDS @lostwithpurpose (60.5K) – Top Travel Micro Influencers


Top Micro Influencers


Alexandra Reynolds is a US-born, Filipina-English backpacker currently living in Belgium and one of the top travel micro-influencers with high engagement on Instagram. Heavily influenced by her family who considers travel as a priority, Alex started globetrotting solo to unfamiliar places and immersing herself in different cultures. She created her blog Lost with Purpose not only to document her global travels but also to educate other “travelers on how to travel more responsibly, recognize privilege, and make better decisions on the road.” Her piece of advice is to not plan everything because the best opportunities often arise where you’d least expect them.


35. SOPHIE CLAPTON @travelsofsophie (59.9K) – Top Travel Micro Influencers


Top Micro Influencers


Sophie Clapton is a London-based travel blogger and photographer with a passion for ethical travel. As an avid traveler, Sophie’s goal is to explore the world and create powerful images that inspire and affect the travel aspirations of a global audience. Her Instagram blog, Travels of Sophie, is filled with helpful guides, product recommendations, holiday suggestions, travel advice, and a visual escape through photography that can provide inspiration & resources for her growing audience that dreams of travel.


36. LAUREN CAREY @girlgoneabroad (41.4K) – Top Travel Micro Influencers


Top Micro Influencers


American traveler and digital nomad Lauren Carey a.ka. Girl Gone Abroad has already explored 51 countries in 6 years, all while holding down a full-time marketing job. Her love for travel began when she was studying abroad in Australia, but what made her decide to pursue her wanderlust was when she moved to Bangkok, Thailand to work, giving her the freedom to travel more. Since then, she has explored South and Central America, Africa, and much of Europe, where she is currently traveling and working remotely. Through travel stories, itineraries, and photos, Lauren hopes to inspire others to see the world in a new light and explore it themselves.


37. SOFIA KRARAD @sofiakrarad (36.3K) – Top Travel Micro Influencers


Top Micro Influencers


Sofia Krarad is a flight attendant turned to travel and fashion influencer who lives the life that most only dream of. Her Instagram posts are filled with spectacular and once-in-a-lifetime adventures around the world. As a travel influencer, Sofia has successfully collaborated with several tourism companies and restaurants in Saudia Arabia.


38. DAN CARTER @dancarter (31.4K) – Top Travel Micro Influencers


Top Micro Influencers


Dan Carter is a London-based professional photographer who shares through his photo exhibitions the stunning places he’s been to. His Instagram posts are full of high-quality images of people and panoramic places he has visited such as South Africa, Iceland, New Zealand, Ivory Coast, and a lot more.


39. DAVIS PAUL @davispaul (27.2K) – Top Travel Micro Influencers




NYC-based film director Davis Paul is an impassioned globe wanderer who shares magnificent snapshots of his travel adventures around the world. His creativity in taking photos is top-notch and well-loved by thousands of his followers on Instagram.


40. ADAM @adam.northwest (27K) – Top Travel Micro Influencers




Adam is an Oregon-based photographer and content creator with a passion for outdoor adventures. His Instagram posts are all about camping, hiking, and exploring the breath-taking sceneries in the Pacific Northwest alongside his wife and fellow travel blogger, Jessica Rose, and their husky pup, Nova. Adam has collaborated with brands like Brewdog USA, Weber Grills, and Annamaet Pet Foods, among others.


41. CHELSEA MARTIN @passporttofriday (25K) – Top Travel Micro Influencers




Chelsea Martin is a New York-based travel advisor who specializes in honeymoons and bespoke luxury travel. Her love for travel began at a young age but grew into a passion while studying abroad in Florence, Italy. Eventually, she turned her passion into a career by serving as the Director, Luxury Travel & Resident Travel Advisor of Full-Time Travel and founding her own luxury travel planning services called Passport to Friday. In 2019, Chelsea was nominated for the “Most Innovative Advisor” award at Virtuoso Travel Week, and also achieved Marriott International Luxury Brands’ “STARS Celestial Club”, making her one of the top MILUX advisors in the country.


42. TOM AND CHERI @enjoythejourney.life (21.4K) – Top Travel Micro Influencers




Living full time in RV, travelling couple Tom & Cheri are both having the best time of their life. They created their YouTube channel in April 2017 to share their adventures (and challenges), advice, and more tips on the road, hoping to inspire others to live a life of freedom and adventure on their terms. With now 139K subscribers, Tom and Cheri regularly upload their travel experiences and provide helpful guides with RV living. On Instagram, they also post about their travel adventures and RV Life.  


43. CHRISTINA @captain.christina (17.4K) – Top Travel Micro Influencers




Christina is a Texas-based travel micro-influencer who proves that anyone can have a soaring career in a male-dominated field. She’s currently the captain of a Citation V jet as a corporate pilot.  Christina’s Instagram is a compilation of pictures documenting her life and her many aviation adventures on her Instagram. She has worked with brands like Aviation Life.


44. ABEGAIL LEFLEUR-SHAFFER @abi.lafleur (11.9K) – Top Travel Micro Influencers




Abigail is a commercial photographer, lifestyle model, and travel enthusiast from Denver, Colorado. Her Instagram features snapshots of her outdoor trips, dogs, and loved ones. She keeps a website portfolio with photo albums from her ‘recent adventures. Abegail has worked with brands like Eddie Bauer, Smartwool, and Backcountry.


45. MAY ZUNE WIN @mayzunewin (11.5K) – Top Travel Micro Influencers




May Zune Win is one of the pioneer travel bloggers of Myanmar and a widely recognized one. She bagged the 2017 “Myanmar Influencer Award” for travel for having promoted Myanmar internationally as a destination, even during the military rule. She was also featured on The Myanmar Times “Top 10 Travel Bloggers” list in 2018 and the overall “Top 10 Bloggers” list in 2019. She has traveled to 50 countries and wrote extensively about her experience as a tourist on her Facebook blog I Love Travelling.


46. LINDSAY COTTER @cottercrunch (85.8K) – Top Food Micro Influencers




Lindsay Cotter is a fitness influencer and an AASDN Certified Nutrition Specialist from Austin, Texas, who focuses on sports nutrition and a gluten-free diet. Motivated by her husband who is a former triathlete, Lindsay created Cotter Crunch in 2009 as a nutrition resource for athletes with recipes that energize and restore body during and after strenuous physical activities. Eventually, she began developing gluten-free recipes to help combat her health problems. Her works have been featured on many popular health websites and magazines including Dr. Axe, Shape magazine, Fitness magazine, Men’s Health, and more. To date, Lindsay continues to provide gluten-free, allergy-friendly, wholesome recipes with inclusive ingredients for all diet types.


47. NICK NEVES @dad_beets (62.6K) – Top Food Micro Influencers




Nick Neves a.k.a. Dad Beets, describes himself as a lover of carbs, cheese, and all things waffled. He is best known for his experimental and authentic home-cooked meals. His Instagram is a huge gallery of mouth-watering food that he prepared and photo’d to perfection, making him a SAVEUR Blog Awards Winner for Best Food Instagram. Through his food adventures, Nick wants to inspire people to think differently about everyday foods, to experiment, and try to have a ton of fun while doing it.


48. C.R. TAN @xlbcr (59.4K) – Top Food Micro Influencers




Chun Rong Tan (or C.R for short) is a food stylist and photographer and one of Singapore’s top food micro-influencers with a passion for home cooking. Without any formal training, C.R. developed his culinary skills by simply observing his aunt prepare hearty meals when he was young, and spending many hours watching cooking shows. His passion for food grew from a hobby to aspiration, and when he lost her mother to cancer at the age of 17, he was more determined to pursue his dreams. In 2014, he started his namesake blog to document his kitchen adventures. Since then, he became widely recognized and featured in several local and overseas publications nominated to prestigious award-giving bodies, and won some titles, including the SAVEUR Blog Awards 2017 for Best Food Instagram Editor’s Choice.


49. THUY @theblogofsalt (52.5K) – Top Food Micro Influencers




Thuy is a food micro-influencer, YouTuber, and blogger from Los Angeles, California who uses her various social media channels to preserve Vietnamese culture through food. Thuy often posts pictures of Vietnamese cuisine on her blog and Instagram while she uploads on her YouTube channel videos these recipes. Thuy has worked with brands like Mike’s Mighty Good.


50. EMMA HYSLOP @emmamariehyslop (43.4K) – Top Food Micro Influencers




Emma is a plant-based food blogger, lifestyle content creator, and coffee enthusiast. She launched The Nakd Kitchen after recovering from anxiety and eating disorder, in hopes to inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle through plant-based meal and self-care. Emma connects with her audience on her site, Instagram and Pinterest, where she often uploads vegan baking recipes, photos of sunset and copious cups of coffee.


51. ELIZABETH MOYE @hellospoonful (42.3K) – Top Food Micro Influencers


Top Food Micro Influencers


Elizabeth is a nutritionist, health coach, and food blogger living in Atlanta, Georgia. During her final semester as a Nutrition student, Elizabeth became more interested in food as an art rather than a science, so she decided to skip the RD route and instead pick up a JMC minor. Now, she uses her Nutrition degree and Communications minor to run her health and lifestyle blog, Hello Spoonful, which was born out of her combined passions of nutrition, cooking, wellness, and fitness.


52. RUSS CRANDALL @thedomesticman (40.4K) – Top Food Micro Influencers




Russ Crandall is a food blogger and NYT bestselling author who primarily covers traditional & international cuisines that are gluten-free and paleo-friendly. At first, Russ didn’t think about the connection between health and food until he was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease that almost claimed his life. By coincidence, he learned about a “crazy diet” that could reverse autoimmune symptoms and decided to give the Paleo diet a try. In late 2010, Russ started documenting the food he was eating and the recipes he developed through his blog, The Domestic Man. While still not cured, the Paleo diet made significant changes in his health and empowered him in a time when he thought he had no options.


53. ERIN @thealmondeater (40.2K) – Top Food Micro Influencers




Erin is a food blogger, photographer, and food micro-influencer based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As a self-taught cook, Erin loves experimenting with flavors and making classic recipes a bit healthier. Her blog, The Almond Eater, can be a perfect go-to resource that is ideal for all diet types (vegetarian, paleo, gluten-free, etc). Erin is all about quick, healthy recipes because she’d rather spend more time with my family and friends and less time in the kitchen.


54. KALIN @hello.kalin (40K) – Top Food Micro Influencers




Kalin is a food micro-influencer and blogger from Chicago, Illinois with a mission to help others live a healthy, vegan lifestyle. Her Instagram and blog consist of photos and recipes of her favorite vegan foods, as well as advice for living a vegan lifestyle. Kalin has collaborated with brands like Soom Foods, Dr. McDpugall’s Right Foods, and Coconut Bowls, among others.


55. JESS LARSON @playswellwithbutter (38.2K) – Top Food Micro Influencers




Minneapolis-based food micro-influencer and photographer Jess Larson may have a major thing for prosecco & french fries but is a lover of food through and through.  Her mission is to “make weeknight cooking flavorful, fast, & fun for other foodies”, so she launched her site Plays Well With Butter to share her quick recipes that “deliver major flavor with minimal effort”. All the recipes she has posted on Instagram and uploaded on her blog are original, making sure they’re perfect for a last-minute girls’ night, a weeknight dinner party, or even just an impromptu cozy date night at home with your loved one.


56. AMANDA HOLTZER @amanda.ghee (37.1K) – Top Food Micro Influencers




Amanda Holtzer is a registered dietician and dietetic intern at NYU Steinhardt, who favors simple, sustainable, and inclusive nutrition. Her Instagram posts are filled with pictures of everything she eats. Her food preferences can be wide-ranging, but gooey chocolate chip cookies, cherries, dark chocolate-covered almonds, and sushi are her ultimate comfort foods. Amanda has partnered with brands like Strong Roots USA, Juice Press, and Tosh Snacks.


57. MICHAEL TRAN @betweenballoons (36.4K) – Top Food Micro Influencers




Michael Tran is a food and travel blogger and micro-influencer from San Francisco, California who has a penchant for pastries and character food art. On Instagram, Michael regularly posts pictures of his best food finds around the Bay Area and on his travels as well as “kawaii food” that he has made.  He also writes content about various food, travel, and balloon-related topics on his blog.


58. EMILY TASHIJAN @crumblecateringco (24.5K) – Top Food Micro Influencers




Emily is a self-taught baker, entrepreneur, and food micro-influencer based in Detroit, Michigan who is best known for her designer cookies. Emily owns her own cookie company, Crumble Catering Co. where she makes custom cookies for her customers. On her Instagram, she posts pictures of the cookies she has made for her clients.


59. MARY SARGENT @themarysarge (18.7K) – Top Food Micro Influencers




Mary Sargent is a mom micro-influencer from Knoxville, Tennessee, who considers food as her love language. Her Instagram is a collection of homecooked meals and hearty snacks that she lovingly prepares for her family. Mary also runs her TikTok account with 149.1K Followers and over 2.5M Likes for her recipes and cooking videos.


60. LAURA @funfoodbylaura (10.8K) – Top Food Micro Influencers




Laura is a food blogger and micro-influencer from Denver, Colorado with a passion for home cooking. She started her Instagram account in 2018 to simply document the food that she cooked out of her comfort zone. As her followers quickly increased during the pandemic, she decided to create her Fun Food by Laura blog and began testing, re-testing, and writing her recipes. Besides her recipes, she also posts about ‘yummy food finds’ on her Instagram. Laura has worked with brands like Drink Nektar and Barilla Pasta.


61. RUSHDA MOOSAJEE @rushtush (70.9K) – Top Fitness Micro Influencers




Rushda Moosajee, or professionally known as RushTush, is a qualified personal trainer and online coach based in Cape Town, South Africa. RushTush’s mission is to help women achieve their ideal body weight through physical training that reinforces the female body, strengthens weaknesses, corrects imbalances, and fixes postural challenges. In March 2020, Rushda launched her recent mobile personal training app, RushTushFit,  which provides a personalized training program and access to over 90 workouts with step-by-step videos all guided by voice-over explanations.


62. RICHIE NORTON @richienorton_  (60.4K) – Top Fitness Micro Influencers




Richie Norton former rugby player turned mind and movement mentor and fitness micro-influencer who believes that strength is found through mobility. After sustaining injury as a rugby player, he had to find new physical outlets. He found solace in yoga and taught himself meditation and breathing techniques during his time of rehabilitation. Now, Richie is a world-renowned yogi, runs the Vibe Tribe, and in the continual mission of helping others by sharing his techniques.


63. AMY LANE @wellness_ed (57.9K) – Top Fitness Micro Influencers




Amy Lane is Women’s Health arad-winning digital editor, qualified fitness expert, podcaster, and one of UK’s top fitness micro-infuencers. She may be hustling hard daily as she manages and creates health content for millions of women, but she keeps her time-off seriously as a “non-negitiable health habit”. Just last year, Amy published her book, I Can Run, which, according to her, is “not a book for runners but a must-have book for every woman who has ever experienced a moment of defeatism” by empowering them to find their inner athlete and run well far.


64. ANDREA LOPEZ VELARDE @andrea.lva (48.5K) – Top Fitness Micro Influencers




Andrea Lopez-Velarde is a health, fitness, and lifestyle micro-influencer based in San Diego whose mission is “to help people achieve their health and fitness goals while balancing and enjoying life to the fullest”. In her younger years, Andrea was not a fan of running, but over time, she came to love it as it has helped her beat anxiety. Through her Instagram, she enjoys sharing her workout routines, healthy lifestyle, love for fitness fashion, and travel tips. Andrea’s piece of advice is to be consistent and keep your goals easy and accessible because once you start and make it a habit, it will be easier to push yourself for more.


65. MIKE KALUSTIAN @mikeblackbeard (44.7K) – Top Fitness Micro Influencers




Florida-based micro-influencer Mike Kalustian is a chiropractor who treats patients while also keeping in shape himself. His Instagram is full of fitness inspiration, showing off a muscular body and sharing how he got there.


66. ALEX CALLAHAN @alexcallahan4 (43.6K) – Top Fitness Micro Influencers




 Alex is a lifestyle, health, and fashion blogger, yoga instructor, and freelance Graphic designer based in Boulder, Colorado. Her Instagram provides a peek into her life, her fashion sense, as well as some yoga, poses. Alex hopes to inspire others to live their most authentic life feeling empowered with style and self-love.


67. PHIL GRAHAM @philgraham01 (42.1K) – Top Fitness Micro Influencers




Phil Graham is a Sports Nutritionist, author, educator, and fitness micro-influencer with Type 1 diabetes. Despite his health condition, Phil strives to be as fit as possible. He runs his own “information hub” to help people with diabetes on how to handle living with the disease and keep themselves fit. His website also provides helpful articles about the Ketogenic diet, active insulin, and intermittent fasting. Phil’s story and work have been featured in magazines and outlets like Men’s Health, Daily Mail, and Men’s Fitness.


68. TOM BLISS @tomblissy (34.8k) – Top Fitness Micro Influencers




Tom Bliss is a fitness coach and personal trainer, Under Armour athlete, and a retired professional Rugby player based in Longborough, England. He shares his fitness routines on Instagram, which often involves high-impact workouts and heavy lifting. Tom runs a YouTube channel alongside his girlfriend and fellow personal trainer Courtney Pruce,  their workout routines, healthy recipes, and personal vlogs.


69. PAULETTE NEO @paulette_neo (26K) – Top Fitness Micro Influencers




Fitness micro-influencer and certified personal trainer Paulette Neo Kaise found her passion for fitness while studying at the university. Her degree in Media Studies and Industrial Psychology has enabled her to found EmpoweredToEmpower to help those who are looking to obtain fitness, mental health, or business goals.


70. SHARA SWANSON @shara_swanson (26K) – Top Fitness Micro Influencers




Shara Swanson is an NYC-based fitness enthusiast, dancer, model, and certified personal trainer. Shara has been documenting her body transformation over the last two years. Her Instagram contains before/ after shots that can inspire anyone to keep going with their fitness journey.


71. ALLEN SWAN @allenswan (22.3K) – Top Fitness Micro Influencers


allen swan


Allen Swan is a content creator, NASM certified personal trainer, and a Legends ambassador. His Instagram is a source of motivation, especially for those just getting started on their fitness journey. Allen shares some short videos of his workout and offers online fitness training to those seeking to bring their fitness goals to the next level.


72. KANOA GREENE @kanoagreene (21.7K) – Top Fitness Micro Influencers




Hawaiian-based body-positive fitness coach and motivator  Kanoa Greene is living proof that being plus-sized is not a hindrance to achieving your wellness goals. While being at her heaviest pounds, this former Opera singer has conquered the ocean, trekked the mountains, and done many other amazing things that look impossible for any curvy individual to accomplish. Kanoa wants to break the stereotypes about body shapes and sizes and deeply advocates body positivity and size inclusivity. Through her fitness program, Kanoa hopes to empower all women “to live their best life in the bodies they are now”.


73. SAMANTHA BOWERS @samanthabowers (20.2K) – Top Fitness Micro Influencers




Samantha Bowers, a popular content creator, TV Host, and producer of a lifestyle TV Show Midday Madison, is also a fitness junkie and lover of a healthy lifestyle. As a certified personal trainer, Samantha created The Fit Brunette to document her journey and share her workout plans, fitness tips, and healthy recipes, among others. Samantha hopes that, through her Instagram and other social media channels, she can shine light into the lives of her audiences and followers and leave a lasting impression on them in some way, shape, or form.


74. NICK LONGO @nklongo (18.7K) – Top Fitness Micro Influencers




Nick Longo is a chiropractor, personal trainer, and strength coach with a passion for powerlifting, fitness, and nutrition. Nick Longo has been competing in powerlifting tournaments, as shown on his Instagram posts. Nick also runs a YouTube channel where he uploads videos about powerlifting, traveling, vlogs, fitness, nutrition & more. 


75. JODI LICUDINE @fitpalmbeach (18.4K) – Top Fitness Micro Influencers




Jodi Licudine is a fitness motivator, blogger, and micro-influencer based in Jupiter, Florida. Jodi regularly posts on her Instagram photos and videos of herself working out in hopes of giving motivation to those who are getting started in their fitness journey.


76. HITESH KUMAR @technicaldostofficial (95.1K) – Top Tech Micro Influencers




Hitesh Kumar is a popular tech blogger with over 95.1 K followers on Instagram, making him one of India’s top micro-influencers in the field of tech and gaming. His YouTube channel with over 1.95M subscribers provides a plethora of information about new gadgets, games, technical devices, and more. He does a lot of videos in Hindi to cater to a larger segment of his fanbase.


77. AKASH PAUL @technical_sky (85.9K) – Top Tech Micro Influencers




Tech blogger Akash Paul is another Indian national making a name in the tech field. He specializes in sharing tips and tricks for your Android phone. On his YouTube channel with over 1.41 M subscribers, Akash is one of top tech influencers who shares informative videos about top applications, alternatives, and other phone hacks.


78. YOGI YOGENDRA @technicalyogi (73.1K) – Top Tech Micro Influencers




Yogi Yogendra is an avid tech blogger and micro-influencer from India who also runs a popular YouTube channel called Technical Yogi, now with over 1.29M subscribers. Yogi’s content is usually reviews of the latest technological gadgets, unboxing, and digital marketing tips.  


79. DHANANJAY BHOSALE @dhananjay_tech (68.3K) – Top Tech Micro Influencers




Dhananjay Bhosale is a tech YouTuber and one of India’s top micro-influencers, best known for reviewing tech products. On his YouTube channel, Dhananjay provides a detailed look into smartphones and the latest gadgets. His explanations are simple and on point, giving his audience an informed decision about the best products to use.  


80. ABHISHEK SAGAR @theabhisheksagar (67.9K) – Top Tech Micro Influencers




Abhishek Sagar is an ethical hacker and an avid tech blogger and YouTuber with over 2.78 million subscribers. Abhishek is also an active Instagrammer with a keen interest in modeling, hosting, mimicking voices, and singing.


81. RANJIT KUMAR @geekyranjitofficial (51.2K) – Top Tech Micro Influencers




Tech blogger and YouTube star Ranjit Kumar, a.k.a Geeky Ranjit has the biggest and most subscribed tech channel in India with over 3.24M subscribers and there are obvious reasons why. His reviews on gadgets and smartphones are honest, well-researched, and highly useful for those looking for new gadgets. Besides, Ranjit is one of the rare English-speaking reviewers in India, enabling him to reach a wider English-speaking audience.


82. MATTHEW MONIZ @mattmoniz123 (24K) – Top Tech Micro Influencers



Matthew is a Canadian tech content creator and tech micro-influencer who provides unbiased reviews of the latest cool gadgets and technologies, including computers and smartphones. He runs a self-titled YouTube, which currently has 584K subscribers. His most-watched video is entitled, “The Best Wireless Earbuds For You’, which reached more than 1 million views.


83. BRAM @appletodaynow (20.1K) – Top Tech Micro Influencers




Bram is a tech geek and micro-influencer from the Netherlands with a keen interest in all things Apple. Through his Instagram, Bram gives fair reviews on the latest Apple tech products.

84. STEFAN WARECKA @techmagnet_yt (15K) – Top Tech Micro Influencers




Austria-based tech blogger Stefan Warecka is the brains behind the YouTube channel TechMagnet, which talks about all things “Technology and Science and how everything else in this world works” Stefan has started doing Quality Tech Videos since 2015. On his Instagram and YouTube, Stefan uploads helpful content for those searching for authentic reviews about cars, motorbikes, and gadgets.


85. ROCCO ZACCORO @rocco_zaccaro (12.2K) – Top Tech Micro Influencers




Rocco Zaccoro is an Italian tech influencer and video content manager for iSpazio, the first blog in Italy dedicated to the Apple world. Rocco’s Instagram consists mainly of reviews and descriptions of the Apple devices, gadgets, and accessories.


86. CLAIRE TOTMAN @claire.totman.designs  (98.5K) – Top Home Decor Micro Influencers




Claire Totman is UK’s top micro-influencer who specializes in property development and high-end luxury interior fit-out projects in Surrey, UK. With her extensive background in design, she launched her own company, Claire Totman Designs, in 2016, which has steadily turned into a successful and award-nominated design studio with a fast-growing clientele. Claire’s Instagram is an assortment of photos showing her creative projects and lifestyle pieces.


87. ERIN HIEMSTRA @apartment_34 (90.2K) – Top Home Decor Micro Influencers




Erin Hiemstra is another micro-influencer making waves in the home design niche. Her passion for decor, fashion, and a life well lived led to the launch of her popular site Apartment 34.com, which became a finalist for Domino Magazine’s Design Blog Award as well as Saveur Magazine’s Best Style & Design Blog. Erin brings a dose of sophistication through her home décor tips and refurbishment projects, giving her online audience some inspiration for their home design projects. 


88. JODI BOND @houseonasugarhill (85.8K) – Top Home Decor Micro Influencers




Home design blogger and a certified DIYer Jodi Bond loves to experiment with new ideas in her decorative styling.  This design micro-influencer is drawn to a combination of French and Boho-inspired home, eclectic 1960s-era lines and color play, as well as to the earthy elements of the “Japandi style mash-up” (a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian Styling)”. On her blog, House on a Sugar Hill, Jodi provides a detailed look into her home styling, sharing the supplies she often uses, and other tips and affordable finds for your home.


89. CASSANDRA LAVALLE @coco.kelley (71.2K) – Top Home Decor Micro Influencers




Also making it big as one of the top micro-influencers for home design is Cassandra LaValle, the founder and creative director of Coco Kelley. Cassandra launched her home and lifestyle website in 2007, creating content about interiors, lifestyle, travel, and DIYs. Since then, she has grown her company to be a nationally recognized online destination for inspiration by the likes of Martha Stewart, Sunset Magazine, and The New York Times.


90. JACQUELYN CLARK @larkandlinen (52.8K) – Top Home Decor Micro Influencers




Toronto-based interior designer and micro-influencer Jacquelyn Clark have over a decade of experience in the home design industry. Jacquelyn served as an editor of the world-renowned lifestyle and design site, Style Me Pretty Living for two years before leaving her post and started working on her passion project full-time. She describes her style as classically timeless with just the slightest edge. Her philosophy is simple: a well-designed space should not only feel dream-like, but be liveable, useable, and totally – completely – you.


91. NATALIE MYERS @nataliemyers (45.7K) – Top Home Decor Micro Influencers




Natalie Myers is an award-winning interior designer from Los Angeles, CA, who makes “Scandifornian style” (a mix of Scandinavia and Californian) inspired modern interiors her jam. What makes her stand out is her being active in all aspects of the project, from conceptualizing a unique design plan to overseeing its implementation and completion. Aside from her Instagram, her site, Veneer Designs, also provides a gallery of her stunning work and home styling projects.


92. FRANCESCA STONE @fallfordiy (38.3K) – Top Home Decor Micro Influencers




Francesca Stone is a design micro-influencer and DIY enthusiast from Birmingham, UK. Francesca began documenting her love for DIYs in June 2013, which she started only in her spare time. Then in January 2015, she turned her hobby into a business and worked full-time to make it flourish. Her website, Fall for DIY, keeps gaining traction, leading to more amazing projects for Francesca.


93. MANDI JOHNSON @mandimakes (34.9K) – Top Home Decor Micro Influencers




Mandi Johnson is an Ohio-based lifestyle blogger and design influencer with a passion for miniature crafts and DIYs. Calling herself a “crazy craft lady”, her favorite projects include dramatic home makeovers, sewing or building things for dolls and tinkering with other little crafty projects with tools or food. Although her Instagram is full of photos of her fun projects, Mandi shares all of her creative pursuits in more detail on her blog, Mandi Makes.


94. ANNA SPIRO @annaspirodesign (31.1K) – Top Home Decor Micro Influencers




Australia’s acclaimed interior designer, author, and micro-influencer Anna Spiro has always immersed herself in all things creative since she was very young. Now living her dreams, Anna still works tirelessly to create stunning homes and spaces for her clients. As she said, she loves to “create rooms that spark emotion and people want to linger in”. Anna’s projects were mentioned in many lifestyle magazines and online publications like Andrew Martin, Brisbane News, Vogue Living, House and Garden, and so much more.


95. JULIA ALEXANDER @juliaalexanderinteriors (29.4K) – Top Home Decor Micro Influencers




Julia Alexander is an interior designer, property stylist, and one of London’s top design micro-influencers. Julia focuses on creating affordable designs and spaces that magnify her clients’ passion and personalities.  Having been trained under the guidance of property styling expert Anne Maurice (of Channel Five’s House Doctor series), Julia assures to provide quality finish even on a small budget.


96. KRISTA AASEN @thehappyhousie (25.6K) – Top Home Decor Micro Influencers




Krista Aasen is an interior designer and the creator of the DIY, décor, craft, and lifestyle blog, The Happy Housie. She takes on a wide variety of design projects, including house makeovers and creating decors and printables. In 2018, Krista published Creative Wood Letters, her first-ever book that contains creative ways to craft beautifully decorated letters using different materials such as maps, vintage book pages, photo transfer, paper flowers, and more.   Her projects have been featured on BetterHomesandGardens.com, Woman’s Day, the Home Depot blog, Just a Girl and Her Blog, House of Turquoise, Savvy Southern Style, and Country Woman magazine.


97. MARIA KILLAM @mariakillam (25.3K) – Top Home Decor Micro Influencers




Renowned color designer Maria Killam knows very well the proper color scheme her clients need for their homes.  Maria has been in the color and design industry for almost 20 years and has taught color theory to interior design students in 2007.  Her Instagram consists of breath-taking photos of her work as well as style inspiration for her viewers.  Maria runs a blog where she also shares her thoughts and opinions about her passion.


98. RACHEL EDMONDS @raspberry_flavoured_windows (24.2K) – Top Home Decor Micro Influencers




Rachel Edmonds is a home décor writer, content creator, and blogger living in New Abbott, UK. With more than 20 years of experience in the interior design world, Rachel has created a unique personal style that’s truly her own. The dark, dramatic, and eclectic interiors for her home are jaw-dropping and elegantly executed, but there’s a deeper reason why she chose them. As a mom to two autistic sons, her main goal is to make their home an autistic-friendly and comfortable environment for them all. Rachel’s work and distinctive styling approach have given her numerous awards, recognitions, and press mentions.


99. ARIEL GARNEAU @pmqfortwo (23.8K) – Top Home Decor Micro Influencers




Ariel Garneau is a Canadian décor and DIY blogger, entrepreneur, and home design micro-influencer with a deep obsession for bright, bold designs and eclectic home decor. Despite living in a private military quarter, this color design wizard can turn a lackluster space into a vibrant home with her artistic touch.


100. NATASHA ROCCA DEVINE @natasha.rocca.devine (22K) – Top Home Decor Micro Influencers




Natasha Rocca Devine is an award-winning Irish-Italian Interior Design Staging Specialist based in Dublin, Ireland. Despite her privileged upbringing, Natasha worked hard to achieve every bit of success she has today. She founded ‘The Interiors NRD’ in 2018 to offer interior design consultancy direct to agents, residential and commercial clients in Ireland. Since the opening of her studio, the NRD has received 21 Awards for designing and staging a portfolio of projects for various private clients and agents alike, such as Knight Frank, and Hollybrook Homes developers, to name a few.


What the Future Holds for Micro Influencers


Fair predictions about the rise of micro-influencers convinces us that they will continue to dominate the influencer marketing scene as far as audience engagement and conversion are concerned. Micro-influencers are rising in numbers at a fast pace, and despite having small follower bases, they certainly have the power to influence consumer decisions with their superior engagement rates and high quality, personalized content.  This is why more and more businesses are seeing the value in collaborating with them. Small businesses are poised to leverage micro influencers and take advantage of their highly engaged following for their brand awareness campaigns. As the global pandemic still affect many businesses today, partnering with a micro-influencer can be the better option to grow your brand, without pouring your money down the drain.

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