10 Best Foundations for Textured Skin

6. Take care of your skin on the regular: Outside of applying makeup, Krinsky says it’s important to treat your skin daily. “How you prep your skin all depends on what you are dealing with in terms of texture. First and foremost, if you are dealing with overly dry or oily skin, recurring rashes, or recurring acne I would recommend you visit a dermatologist and not try to cover the skin with makeup,” she says. “Your skin is an organ and it is important to listen to what it is showing and telling you. More than anything I recommend we all make a healthy habit of cleansing, exfoliating (I recommend weekly), moisturizing, and using SPF daily. Let this be your morning and evening ritual, and a few minutes you use to take good care of yourself! Regardless of what you are dealing with in terms of your skin, those are the most important steps to staying balanced.”

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